01 marzo 2010

I sold my soul for a one night stand. I followed Alice into wonder land, I ate the mushroom and I dance with the queen. Yeah,  we dancing in between all the lines.
I followed daylight right into the dark. Took to the hatter like a walk in the park, but then I met her, yeah, she felt so right. No child of the night yeah was she.
They call her sunshine, the kind that everybody knows.
Yeah yeah, Sunshine.
She's finer than a painted rose,
yeah yeah, Sunshine.

Her kind of love is what I adore, What kind of trouble am I in for?
My kind of heaven lies in hells back door, and I got more than I need.
Cause I need sunshine, the kind that everybody knows.
Yeah yeah. My sunshine she's finer than a painted rose.
I got the karma but it don't come free, I chased that rabbit up her bodi tree.
That caterpillar's tryin to cop a plea, but the smoke ain't got nothing on me.

Sunshine, the kind that everybody knows.

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  1. Ame que tu blog se llamara Let the flames Begin:) yo amo Josh & es solo mio:p jajaj cdte:D


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